Call Center


With the purpose of the presence and the ability of management in function to Tourist Assistance Program PROATUR, it has a Call Center with a convenient four-digit number attended by bilingual personal, where coordinate criminal assistance, no criminal, gives tourist information. The Personal from the Call Center also coordinates its work with delegates that are distributed inside the country as a support and coordination, because these are professionals in the area in which they are and are able to resolve any concerns or needs of the tourist.
The main functions of the Call Center are:
1.Create the necessary conditions for providing telephonic support for tourists in any emergency to them, creating an easy and direct access between the tourist and service available all over the country.
2.Coordinate with the security forces and state assistance for the benefit of tourism security.
3.Be the connection between the host community and tourists.
4.Keep informed the tourism industry and consulate in the country and state aspects of Road Safety, through facebook and twitter.