Because for Guatemala, the most important is that those who visit us, visit us peacefully and knowing that they only have to worry about enjoying your stay in this beautiful country.
Guatemala, through the Guatemalan Tourism Institute INGUAT has been created the Tourist Assistance Program called PROATUR, this program offers the ideal conditions for nationals and foreign tourists have a safe and pleasant stay, putting available all necessary support for any eventuality they could have during their visit to the country.
PROATUR offers a lot of services for the prevention and assistance in emergencies; these are some of their main functions:
- Tourist attends immediately to any emergency, coordinating efforts with the authorities responsible for the security, first aid, information and accredited diplomatic corps in the country.
- Coordinate with the security forces with accompaniments for tourist groups
- Keep informed the tourism sector on activities and programs to prevent any eventuality in each sector.
- Assist the tourist as coordinator to canalize information services of public sector Institutions as: CONRED,   Firefighters, PROVIAL, National Civil Police PNC, Tourist Safety Division DISETUR, and others.
PROATUR is present in the main tourist sites in the country, has been an extremely effective program mostly because of their ability to inter agency coordination with the public and private sector, which have formed strategic alliances to strengthen the actions of both instances, through the collaboration of all.
We are a government program created for tourists and the host community, working for their welfare, developing the best prevention projects and tour assistance to position our country as a safe destination.
In five years be recognized by tourists who visit us as the best security program of America, composed of professional values, characterized by dynamism and creativity of prevention and assistance. Having substantially improved tourist security of our country.